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Demei Law Firm is a Shanghai-based full-service law firm that provides legal consultation and service to both foreign and domestic individuals and businesses. Our attorney's are licensed in the United States and China and are fluent in multiple languages. Most of our professional staff earned their degrees from top Western universities. At Demei Law Firm we are committed to actively providing each and every client with genuine, sensible, and reliable support.

Demei Law Firm takes a proactive approach to every case by becoming familiar with each client's unique situation and his or her specific needs. Regardless of your needs we strive to deliver detailed, personalized, and high-quality service to you or your business.

Description of Services:

Foreign Direct Investment - Advise clients in effective ways to structure deals, assist in evaluation of business partners, locations, etc., perform due diligence; draft, review and comment on transactional documents, negotiate terms on behalf of clients, and monitor potential dangers.

Mergers & Acquisition - Advise on transactions between both public and private companies, including domestic and international transactions, across a wide variety of business sectors.

Labor Law - Advise in resolution of labor disputes, advise on work-related injuries, labor protection and other human resource problems, draft and negotiate labor contracts.

Contract Law - Drafting, reviewing and revising contracts.

Family Law - Marriage planning, prenuptial agreements, spousal support, cohabitation disputes, adoption.

Dispute Resolution - Represent clients in all stages of arbitration and litigation, create arbitration and litigation strategies, represent clients in mediation and settlement procedures.

Visa Consultation - Fast, secure and affordable Chinese visa consultation and solution for foreigners in China or looking to come to China Notary Public - Fast, inexpensive and comprehensive US notary services.


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