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Gang Sheng Investment Consulting Co., Ltd (“Gang Sheng International”) is a professional service institution recognized by relevant authorities for offshore services, including company registration, immigration and foreign study application, offshore company listing, international brand registration, offshore capital allocation, and international financial and tax service. The company was established in 1989, with its global headquarters in Hong Kong and mainland headquarters in Shenzhen. Until now, Gang Sheng International has established branch offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, etc. and therefore made itself a professional service provider for internationalized business registration and other related add-value services that covers the Greater China Region and offers service to the world.

Our professional team consists of accountants, lawyers, and senior consultants with years of experience in the field of international financial and legal affairs. In the development process of the company, we uphold our service motto of “integrity first, customer-based, quality ensured”. We always put “creating values for our clients” as the first priority, keep up with the latest demands of our clients, and provide tailored personalized service solution based on needs. We provide one-stop service for domestic companies and individuals on their ways of “going out” and “bringing in”, help them go beyond the country and become globalized.

Our advantages:

  • Professional and concentrated business team with rich experience that can offer clients with high-quality service to ensure their success;
  • One-stop trust service in the whole course for clients to resolve their concerns;
  • Salon and lecture activities at random time to help everyone understand the new offshore policies and learn from new examples in the business;
  • High-end customized value-added service accurately planned and effectively implemented by our senior teams is offered to our clients; and
  • Risk-free promise to our client: we charge only when it is successful, all fees and charges will be returned if failed.

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Gangshen International 
Tel: 0755-8366 6468

Address: 57th Floor, Shun Hing Square, 5002 Shennan Road (E), Luohu, Shenzhen

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