Steven Yang

Steven Yang

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Chuguobang was established in March 2013, is China 's leading migration service Internet platform. Since the establishment of Chuguobang, it is continually to be on the top of business:

Became the first one in China through the global investment Immigration Lawyers Association Certified Internet immigration service platform;
First invented "immigrant broker " system, so that immigration experts can provide services directly to users;
First invented immigration lawyer franchise system so that trained certified immigration lawyer can provide users with standardized services;
First Chinese first professional immigration lawyer College ( and sinks permanent joint law firm ), launched the "public good immigration lawyer training program" has now trained more than 180 city City attorney specializing in immigration services more than 2,000 .

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Tel: +010-5869 0918

1901 Building B, Soho, 39 E 3rd Ring Rd Middle, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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