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Till Neumann

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About Citizen Lane:

Citizen Lane was founded in 2015 by Till Neumann in Zurich, Switzerland. Till was formerly department head for Caribbean citizenship programs with Henley & Partners, an internationally active Citizenship and Residency consulting firm in Zurich, Switzerland.

Today Citizen Lane has offices in Switzerland, Germany and Malta. An office in Cyprus and China will follow towards end of 2017. With his experience Till Neumann is a sought-after consultant for Citizenship-by-Investment and Residence-by-Investment issues, and Till is frequently asked by journalists and printing houses for his insights into the investment migration industry.

Citizen Lane advises clients depending on their personal and family situation with the selection of the right citizenship program and the best-possible investment category and efficiently executes the application process from A to Z. The focused offer of Citizen Lane, our sound knowledge of the various citizenship programs and our expertise on the local situation makes it possible for us to provide a personal, lean service fulfilling all requirements for quality. Swiss and German values for accuracy and high service levels are transferred to our offices abroad.

Citizen Lane differentiates itself from other service providers and law offices by placing great value on individual care, on support (even after the conclusion of the approval process) and on offering its services with transparent pricing and free of third-party costs (no added fees for passport or official fees, translations and authentications).


The philosophy of Citizen Lane consists of providing personal and customized services for discriminating clients in the areas of Citizenship-by-Investment and Residence-by-Investment. Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Citizenship-by-Investment Programs:

At Citizen Lane we provide citizenship solutions in carefully selected countries. Especially for citizenship solutions we deem it very important that the countries are in stable political structures, which actively fight against corruption. Anti-corruption policies are important to the mid and long term value of a passport – we do not want that our clients face future problems and depreciation of the value of their passport due to any potential bribery scandal in a country, which would likely result in cancellation of visa waiver agreements with other countries, in worst case with the European Union.

Citizen Lane offers following citizenship programs:

Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, Malta, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Vanuatu.

Residence-by-Investment Programs:

Citizen Lane offers very interesting immigration programs in Europe. Some of these residency programs are especially for tax purposes interesting: such as Switzerland, Cyprus and Malta.

Citizen Lane offer the following residence programs:

Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland.

Company Structures

As a law firm we can also provide European low tax company structures: such as Malta (5%), Cyprus, Switzerland, and Montenegro. Furthermore, we can assist with company set-ups in Germanyand Austria.

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