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The establishment of “Goldjoy Holding Limited” coincided with drastic transformations in the Asian and global financial markets. Set against the background of a booming Chinese economy, our group is fortunate enough to play the role as a keystone to develop the financial services industry in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and China. With the flow of capital coming into China and Asia, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are at the forefront of economic growth for China. Hong Kong, a leading financial hub in the world, has to seize this opportunity to help China grow by doing what we do best — inject a pool of financial talents and our wealth of financial expertise into Qianhai, Shenzhen. Based in Hong Kong, our group will take full advantage of the development in China with our prime location, our group’s joint effort and our expertise to usher in a new era of financial prosperity. 

“Goldjoy Holding Limited” is a member of China Goldjoy Group Limited (“China Goldjoy”, Stock code: HK1282) and run by financial experts who are the cream of the crop in the industry. With services spanning from areas such as securities, wealth management, asset management to financial products such as US stocks and futures, our group is committed to providing a comprehensive investment portfolio to our clients. Our group also offers insurance products and investment consultancy for our clients. We are always looking into acquiring or merging with other ventures to widen our product range even more to facilitate (capital) investment in both Hong Kong and China. 

In this day and age, access to a wide range of financial services across different markets is the key to prosperity and our clients’ investment needs. We are proud to have joined forces and established “Goldjoy Holding Limited”, which symbolizes the synergy for going from strength to strength.

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