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Kai Tian

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Founded in 2008 and formally renamed in 2017, Nautilus Family Office, adhering to the principle of “Not Making Any Easy Commitment and Forging Ahead in Spite of Hardship, Twists and Turns”, is committed to developing and implementing overall wealth planning schemes for ultra-high net worth investors and families. According to the financial situation of the investor as well as the structural combined risk preference and the expected goal of the company and family, the Company endeavors to develop overall schemes through nationality-planning, global tax-planning, overseas asset management and wealth inheritance. It helps clients standardize investment disciplines and establish family constitution, offers professional advices in the Family Council, safeguards the long-lasting success of the investor and his/her family, and carries on both philosophy and wealth. Gathering top licensed experts in the industry, the Company is objective, strict and prudent at preventing investors from any wrong choice caused by information asymmetry. Many ultra-high net worth investors in Asia obtain professional support from it to establish oversea structure.

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Nautilus Family Office
Tel:  021 31126781

Email: [email protected]

Address: Suite 6D, Huamin Empire International Plaza, No. 726, West Yan an Rd, Shanghai, China

Personal Profile


Over 10 years experience in Global Assets Management, Tax Planning, Global Citizenship, Estate Planning and Family Trust.

During at U.S.A, Working at 1st Vice President Team at Merrill Lynch.

From 2008, Kai founded Nautilus and served the High Net Worth clients at China. To help Chinese build up comprehensive Global Assets Management Solutions.

Membership of Overseas Wealth Management Expert Team at ICBC

Membership of Overseas Investment Advisor at private bank of CMB

CFA Lecturer at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

BA in Finance and Portfolio Management from the U.C Davis and U.C. Berkeley.

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