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25 years of precipitation to establish industry benchmark
GoldWing immigration is a permanent immigration agency with immigration qualification in Mainland China and Hong Kong. GoldWing immigrants are divided into branches in Hong Kong, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Jinjiang. As the vice president of the Fujian Provincial Entry and Exit Industry Association unit, and in 2013 was awarded the "GoldWing Award • the most influential immigrant organization", "benchmark immigration brand", establish a top-class corporate brand.

25 years of hard work to accumulate abundant resources
GoldWing immigrants have a number of foreign professional lawyers and senior consultants, to provide our clients from qualification assessment, application positioning, document review, interview counseling to investment guidance, settlement services and a series of professional services. Professional teams and partners in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, including many of the former government officials and have decades of successful experience of immigration lawyers and education experts.

25 years together to create a splendid culture
We have an ideal and passionate team. Honesty, professionalism and service are the fundamental points of the pursuit of excellence. Excellent team is the basic development of institutions, people-oriented is also the center of the enterprise culture. Unity of consciousness and a strong sense of dedication is the cohesion of the enterprise, but also the driving force of personal and business development in the professional, honest, enterprising, excellent spirit of guidance, the wing of immigration dedicated to customer service. Willing to every customer, every colleague together with the golden wing of common development, to write a wonderful golden wing life, but also to create their own bright life.

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