Nautilus Family Office

Nautilus Family Office

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Nautilus Famliy Office was named with the meaning of “Great efforts are taken into marching ahead”, and is dedicated to providing services of establishing and executing comprehensive family wealth management plans. This includes citizenship plan, global tax plan, overseas tax plan and wealth succession plans according to investors’ financial status, company and family structures, risk preference as well as anticipated goals.

We also help the clients with investment disciplines and the establishment of family charters, and offer professional advice within the family committees, in order to maintain and to protect the investors and their families to an evergreen and succession of both their wealth and philosophy.

The company is rich with top-tier certificate-holding professionals who are both objective and rigorous, they can help to avoid selective mistakes due to information asymmetry, it is regarded as professional support for overseas structuring by many UHNW investors in Asia.

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Nautilus Family Office

Address:24/F, Cloud 9, No. 1018 Changning Rd., Shanghai, China

Tel: 021 - 31126781

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