Shuhui Li

Shuhui Li

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Founded in 2015 in Zhengdong New District, a financial cluster in Zhengzhou, HGCC Fund Sales Co., Ltd. of HGCC Group is a specialized private wealth management company and a licensed financial enterprise for public offering of funds approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.  

As the first internet-based private banker platform and also the first independent legal person for wealth management in Henan Province, HGCC undertakes the mission of “Enable every family to have a private banker”. Based on the construction of an internet financial portal, it adopts the business model of private banker partnership to reconstruct wealth management industry. Established for the comprehensive wealth management demands of clients, it offers middle-class families and above with private banking services based on asset allocation. Centered on “consulting services”, it is devoted to the appreciation, preservation and intergenerational transition of family wealth and assets. By offering abundant family investment options in a framework of “asset allocation” and embodying values with “optimal products”, it helps clients realize the steady growth of family assets, avoid drastic fluctuation of assets, and harvest and pass on wealth like farmland.

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