Mr. Karl-Heinz Hemmerle

Mr. Karl-Heinz Hemmerle


We are a licensed Liechtenstein trust and fiduciary company with both international private and business clientele.

■ Founded in 2000

■ Independent and Privately-owned

■ Global Group with offices in Dubai, Liechtenstein, London, New Zealand, Singapore and Zurich

■ Dedicated to Providing a Personalized Service and safeguarding the interests of the client

■ Expert in Trust, Foundation and Company Establishment and Administration for various jurisdictions

■ Providing Succession and Estate Planning and Wealth Planning Solutions as well as Corporate Structuring Solutions.



■ 2000 年成立

■ 独立的私营企业

■ 在迪拜、列支敦士登、伦敦、新西兰、新加坡和苏黎世有主要办公室的跨国集团

■ 致力于提供个性化的服务,对客户利益提供最佳保护

■ 在多个行政辖区内提供信托、基金会和公司组建和管理的专业服务,服务还包括慈善事业和个人利益

■ 提供传承规划、财富规划和公司架构的解决方案


CorPa Treuhand AG (Headquarter)

Am Schrägen Weg 19

Postfach 6

9490 Vaduz

Principality of Liechtenstein

Tel: +423-239 01 01

Fax: +423-239 01 09

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]



Founder, CEO

卡尔-海因兹·何麦勒 先生

Mr. Karl-Heinz Hemmerle

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