Georgios Giannoulakis

Georgios Giannoulakis

Contact Information

George Giannoulakis
Tel: Fax: 00357 25 000133 
Email: [email protected]

Omirou 61, Joanna Court 203, Limassol 3096, Cyprus

Personal Profile

Chief Executive Officer

George is the CEO of InvestCor Corporate Ltd which is a regulated corporate service provider. InvestCor’s core focus is advising, guiding and finding practical solutions to regulated companies in any regulated industry but predominately in the investment firm and alternative investment fund industry. InvestCor’s team consists not only of lawyers, accountants and actuaries but people who have had hands on experience in the investment industry e.g. George was the ex-CEO of Alpari Cyprus and other regulated companies in Cyprus before founding InvestCor. It is with this background, that InvestCor tries to live us to its motto “Your Success is Our Best Investment”

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