Timmas Tang

Timmas Tang


T-LOFT房地产发展有限公司,总部设于圣基茨, 是集房地产规划设计、开发建设、物业管理于一体的房地产综合企业。以"尊享生活 "修身, 践行" 卓越雅居'的企业理念,T-LOFT专注于国际旅游地产开发, 始终致力于为业主, 提供优质房产与高端物业服务。通过多年的创新与实践, 以其卓越品质的执着追求及其专业技能优势, 逐步成为享誉全球的国际地产品牌。


T-Loft Property Development Limited was founded in 2013, headquartered in St. Kitts and Nevis. T-Loft is a property conglomerate integrating property planning and design, development and construction and property management as a whole.

Cultivating the moral character by “Enjoying life” and fulfilling the corporate philosophy of “Remarkable and elegant residence”, T-LOFT focuses on the international tourist real estate development and always devotes itself to provide the proprietors with quality properties and high-end property service. After years of practice and innovation, T-LOFT has gradually become the world-famous international property brand on the basis of pursuing excellent quality service insistently with its eminent professionalism.







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