Barbara Valentini

Barbara Valentini

Company Profile

R&P Consulting - your strategic partner for international asset protection, family office and business advisory since 1979.

Our international structure includes a Maltese Private Foundation, a Trustee company under New Zealand legislation, and two consulting companies, based in Hong Kong and in Italy.
Our international structure includes a team of key people and a consolidated international network of private banking, private equity, enterprises, consulting services and business advisory. We offer effective support and optimized fiscal impact:

• In the management of Trading businesses in Europe, from/to Europe
• In the Merger & Acquisition business, for Foreign Direct Investors, in Europe
• In Business Development, finding new suppliers, developing foreign markets, as well as developing production capacity
• In the management of Generational Handover and Heritage, in line with the will of the owner/s
• In Asset Protection, irrespective of the citizenship of the owner and location of assets,
• In guaranteeing complete Confidentiality, for strategic deals

Contact Information

R&P Consulting S.r.l
Tel: +39 02 72546226
Email: [email protected]
Address: Via Torino 2, 20123 Milan - Italy

Personal Profile

Barbara Valentini - in charge of Human Resources and Organization Consulting, has extensive experience in many different sectors ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, automotive industry and financial services, with medium and large, national and international companies. Has specific knowledge in the areas of change management, developing people and organizations, organizational efficiency and performance improvement.

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