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Company Profile

Headquartered in Central of Hong Kong with five business divisions including Business Consulting, Brand Planning, Accounting, Legal, and Assets Management Departments, Uniwin International Co., an international business company specializing offshore company integration service with many years of experience in establishing overseas companies and tax-planning for offshore companies. The company mainly provides such services as agency of Hong Kong and overseas company registration, agency of domestic and foreign trademark business, annual auditing for companies, tax planning, application of ISSNs and ISBNs, opening offshore accounts, arrangement of statutory audits, business secretarial services and so on. As the innovator and leader of the industry, the company has served over a hundred thousand clients since its establishment, including the world-renowned multinational corporations, local small and medium-sized enterprises and non-commercial organizations and groups, and won recognition and praise from the clients. Besides, it has developed strategic partnerships with many outstanding clients and business partners, providing a platform for companies to share resources.

Strength of Uniwin

Why clients choose Uniwin

(1) We have a service team of authoritative level that is composed of senior overseas CPA, lawyers, professional advisers, bank managers and other professionals.

(2)We occasionally organize lectures and seminars to provide operational and sustainable supplementary services, aiming to address professional problems arising in the business operation of companies.

(3) We have years of practical experiences, knowledge of relevant domestic and foreign laws and offshore policies, and we have accurate and efficient grasp of projects.

(4) We provide integration services through platform. Except for the business that are offshore company formation related, we also provide global brand protection, visa, immigration, investment and financing business consulting and other related services.

(5) We have independent and professional customer service department to maintain our customers regularly, which provides convenience for their registration and use.

(6) We are one of the first offshore registration service companies with sound service system as well as good reputation and credibility among the customers.

(7) We have resource superiority. All businesses are handled directly in short time with high efficiency.

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Address: Zone A, 14/F, New Green Island Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

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