Xiaohe  Zheng

Xiaohe Zheng

Company Profile

New China Wealth & Asset Management Inc. (referred to as New China Wealth) is a nationwide professional wealth and asset management institution fully transformed from New China Trust Co., Ltd, being established in 2011 with around 300 employees in 16 branches. 

The company aims to provide middle and high net worth customers and institutional investors with industry-leading comprehensive wealth and asset management consulting services. Its business mainly covers wealth management, institutional business and investment-banking. The products and services involve a multitude of fields such as trust, banking, securities, funds, insurances, private equity and asset management. On the strengthen of the strong background of stakeholders and professional and experienced team of financial experts, the company makes it its purpose to provide the services of manage and make money, protect and pass on wealth, its basic objective to provide financial products of fortune building and protecting featuring moderate risk and high profit. The company strives to becomea top private banking brand to provide top-level services for Chinese around the globe by combining professional management and customized services and providing first-class professional and effective wealth planning and asset allocation consulting services for medium and high net worth customers in both domestic and international markets.

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New China Wealth & Asset Management Inc.
Tel: (010)59689700
Address: 12/F Minsheng Building,  38 Dongsan Huang Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing

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