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As an international authoritative and professional registration agency with over-one-decade brand history, Zhuoxin Economic Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is a company composed of internationally recognized accountants, lawyers and investment consultants. It engages in providing services of registration, accounting, audit, tax planning and business consulting for enterprises and investors both at home and abroad. With its service network covering all over China, it has established close and long-term cooperative relationship with a multiple of leading banks, law firms, accounting and financial institutions and other authoritative institutions in the world.

The company has established branches in such major cities as Hangzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Yiwu, Jinan, Ningbo and Taizhou to provide one-stop professional and customized consulting services for SMEs that register companies and trademarks, provide management advisory services, and create brands overseas. The company attaches great importance to our customers’ satisfaction and are deeply convinced that the whole team will be your best partner in exploring global market and developing international business.

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Zhuoxin Economic Information Consulting Co., Ltd.
Email: [email protected]
Address: Room 806, Qinatang Aerospace  Building 2,  No. 66 Shimin Street, Qianjiang New District, Hangzhou

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