Dennis  Vermeulen

Dennis Vermeulen

Company Profile

INCO Business Group has not been a traditional management and trust company anymore since 2012, when it decided to focus on market entry services and relocation services.
Although our type of clients have not changed essentiallymuch since our establishment founding in 2007, our approach has changed tremeondously.
In 2012, we decided that the regulatory requirements on management & trust, do not fit with our independent mindset and creative work methods we need to cope with the constant tax developments. Thus,So we decided to stay true to our vision.

Since then, INCO Business Group has not beendoes not providingprovide anyd management services.
In stead, we assist our non- resident clients with incorporatingto incorporate a resident company while acting as directors/shareholders themselveshimself (or using the nominee services of his agent).
Whenever management services are still requested anyway, we can assist within the recruitment of an interim director, or we refer clients to one of our preferred partners. By avoiding any management and trust license requirements, we are able to provide more flexible services to our clients.

We offer our clients a wide range of services, with a particular focus on company formation, banking and tax services. Furthermore, we assist our clients successfully within obtaining a residencye in Western Europe (or UAE), and offer tailor-made services which allow our clients to manage the company themselves, while remaining tax resident in their target country. Our Business Development managers can assist our clients in expanding their market (share), finding new producers, purchasing/renting of real estate, and much more.
Our premium clients have access to our international concierge services (in 72 countries) and a personal Lifestyle Manager who can help them with Travelling, Entertainment, Personal Concierge, etc.. This allows them to easily travel to their new target countries in style, and without any hassle.

We work with a variety of clientele, from wealthy individuals to stock exhanged companies looking to set up a branch in Western European countries such as:

  • Netherlands (head office in Amsterdam, and office in Breda)
  • Belgium (fully fledged office in Antwerp)
  • Germany (representative office)
  • France (representative office)
  • Spain (fully fledged office in Barcelona)
  • Luxembourg (representative office)

Currently, INCO Business Group is opening a representative office in Dubai to be able to better reach the Middle Eastern market and, market the UAE possibilities in Europe more thoroughly and efficiently .
INCO Business Group works together with management and trust companies all over the world, and facilitates solutions for clients who might no longer fit in itstheir portfolio, or for which additionalextra (substance) services are required (dedicated/exclusive (interim) director, office address/space, etc.)

Our consultants can work with you in the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • Luxembourgish
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

INCO Business Group is the founder of the Dutch Foundation: Incubators for Immigrants ( which assist refugees in starting a Dutch company so they become eligible for a Dutch residence permity. The Foundation is managed and endorsed by leaders of leading people in the ‘incubator’ industry, and Dutch celebrities.

Contact Information

INCO Business Group
Tel: + 0031 76 5870401
Email: [email protected]

Address: INCO Business Group
Overschiestraat 184, 1062 XK, Amsterdam

Personal Profile

CEO and Founder of INCO Business Group, Dennis Vermeulen has a passion for entrepreneurship and working to help businesses achieve their global goals. A self styled ‘entrepreneur’s entrepreneur’, he’s grown INCO from a Dutch startup to an internationally respected firm providing reliable and comprehensive solutions to SMEs from all over the world.

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