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Shanghai Junyue Law Firm is a comprehensive partnership law firm founded in 1998. After nearly 20 years' development, Junyue has grown into a large law firm in Shanghai with more than 100 professional attorneys and it has established a branch in Shenzhen. Offering quality and efficient legal services to worldwide clients has always been Junyue's highest goal. Junyue has won plenty of honors, including:

  • Rated as "Outstanding Shanghai Law Firm" in 2015;
  • Included in the List of First Class Bankruptcy Administrators of Shanghai High People's Court in 2014 (ten trustees in all);
  • Selected as a legal service provider of Shanghai World Expo 2010;
  • Rated as "National Outstanding Law Firm" by China's Ministry of Justice in 2008;
  • Included in the List of the First Batch of Class Bankruptcy Administrators of Shanghai High People's Court in 2014;

Junyue provides legal services for various fields, such as finance, corporate investment and merger, securities, asset management, liquidation, intellectual property, real estate and construction project, employment and personnel, maritime affairs, litigation and arbitration. Junyue has experienced practicing attorneys in various legal areas to meet our clients' different demands and offer multi-field and multi-level legal services.

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