Comparative Advantages of Hong Kong as a Worldwide Trust Centre

The Status Quo of Hong Kong’s Trust Industry

The Hong Kong trust industry is comprised of four main types of trust, namely corporate trusts, private trusts, pension schemes and charitable trusts.

Corporate trusts

Corporate trust providers offer core trustee services and essential corresponding activities – such as formation and administration of trusts – while also acting as custodians. These service providers are critical to Hong Kong’s fund management industry.


Wealth Management: The Cook Islands Solution

Despite the slowdown in the Chinese economy and continued volatility in its share market, private wealth continues to be generated at unprecedented rates. However, if history teaches us nothing else it is that that such prosperity will not continue indefinitely and the next financial crisis is just around the corner.


The Cyprus citizenship program

Cyprus, with its year-round sunshine, high quality of life, and convenient location between three continents, has long been a magnet for international investors, expats, retirees and those looking to enjoy a second home in a mild and hospitable climate. It seems that despite the uncertainty of fluctuating global economic cycles, these factors continue to have enduring appeal.


Hong Kong takes the lead of corporate treasury centre hub with attractive tax incentives

Written by: Catherine Le Bourgeois and Wilson Yeung


Nowadays, owing to the growing importance of the Asian market, multinational corporations are encouraged to set up their corporate treasury centres (“CTC”) in the region. Hong Kong has been one of the ideal locations of choice for forming up regional CTCs. Hong Kong’s attractiveness in recent years, however, has been dampened by certain inadvertent taxation consequences, as well as the competition from Singapore, but since the announcement of proposed changes of tax legislation in the 2015/16 budget, as well as the CTC bill recently came into force in early June 2016, there were promising development in this respect in Hong Kong.  


Operation and Use of RMB Funds in Cross-border Investment & Financing

In spite of the global economic slowdown, the export-oriented feature of the Chinese economy has constantly been reinforced. With the volatility of currency exchange rates, there is a stronger desire for idle domestic capital to be converted into foreign capital. By setting up private funds, domestic, industrial and financial capital takes an active role in cross-border mergers and acquisition, and stimulates industrial integration on both a global and a regional basis.

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