The Evolution: Trends from China for the Offshore Industry

Simon Filmer
Deputy Group Managing Director, OIL

China has experienced extraordinary growth over the last 20 years, becoming the second largest economy in the world – with some metrics granting China number one status ahead of the United States.  While the Chinese economy has undoubtedly slowed in the last two years, it still proceeds at levels that would be the envy of many Western nations.


The Shanghai Free Trade Zone – A Springboard for Accessing the Pool of International Financial Centers

By Dr. Lee Chih-Jen

The fifth report on the Competitiveness Index (Xinhua-Dow Jones IFCD Index) was released in 2014, four years after the first was jointly released by Xinhua Press and Chicago Merchandise Exchange Group (CME). This index reflects the competitiveness of 45 cities around the world as international financial centers. The latest report revealed that Shanghai ranked fifth (from sixth in 2013, side-by-side with Hong Kong), competing with cities like New York and London, which were ranked first and second in previous years.



China has one of the fastest growing high net worth and ultra-high net worth populations in the world. That new wealth brings its own challenges: How does one invest it? How does one protect it? How does one ensure that it will last for future generations?


A Detailed Look at British Virgin Islands’ Trust and Succession to Assets

Raymond Davern

A Flourishing Trusts Jurisdiction

The British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) has had a flourishing trusts sector for over 50 years beginning with the enactment of the Trustee Ordinance in 1961 which was based on English trust law at that time. Since then, BVI trust law has twice been substantially modified by legislation designed to enhance the flexibility and utility of the trust product as a wealth management vehicle.

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