Minutes for Asia Offshore Association Meeting

 Place & Time

A meeting of the Asia Offshore Association was held on 27th of October at Grand Kempinski Hotel in Shanghai. It began at 5:00PM and was presided over by Matthew Sumner, Interim Chair. 


  • Task asked from the members: (1) Support to draw attention to the industry of wealth creation in Asia, (2) Promote the AOA
  • Selection of the next annual conference location between Hong Kong, Jakarta, Malaysia (probably Kuala Lumpur), considering 80% of votes in favor of Hong Kong
  • New Board of Directors (BoD) members: Kenneth Camileri (Chetcuti Cauchi), Yuhaosheng Han (Loyal Bank), Leon Mao (TMF), Michael Liu (CIL), Jean Claude Tsang (ABC Global), Joseph Moynihan (CEO, RAK ICC)
  • AOA administration is working with a third-party provider for online communication of the Association (web workshop, membership information management, etc.). The final selection will be put to the board for final consideration.
  • AOA administration is in discussion with Chinese/Singaporean universities to prepare a certification course for intermediaries and members



  • Question on training classes raised by Michael Liu, CIL: classes must be done by the right teachers and the location of the classes
    • Answered by Matthew Sumner: Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Question on CPD points raised by Elise Donovan, BVI House Asia: what is the option to implement CPD for within AOA
    • Answered by [unidentified]: approval must be done by targeting the professional association at least 6 months on advance where as in Hong Kong there are three groups to target (accountants, bankers, lawyers)
  • Question on training classes raised by Elise Donovan, BVI House Asia: how these trainings will differentiate themselves with the high numbers of trainings already in place
    • Answered by Matthew Sumner and Elise Donovan: trainings with a larger perspective on "offshore"



  • Motion from Matthew Sumner to place Joseph Moynihan (CEO, RAK ICC) as BoD member in replacement of Peter-Michael Schuster (Former CEO, RAK ICC)
    • Vote: 5 in favor, 0 opposed, 4 abstained
    • Resolved: Motion carried


New Business

  • Request approval of Joseph Moynihan (CEO, RAK ICC) to take a position on the BoD


Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m. by Matthew Sumner, Interim Chair.